Emei”Regrets “

We recently checked out alt-pop meets rock Chinese American singer-songwriter Emei and her new song “Regrets”

The single “was inspired by one of my night time journal entries consisting of a brain dump of every single stupid regret I’ve had. It starts with a light-hearted sarcastic list and it devolves into all the things that I shouldn’t have done and the things I wish I could change. Though at first a slow ballad, it eventually hits a peak paralleling my frustration with myself. This single is the last single leading up to my debut EP and a glimpse into my hectic, existential, late-night brain.” confides the songwriter.

Regrets” is a spirited song with a memorable groove and witty lyrics that gives the song its own unique personality. We really enjoyed this track and can’t wait for more you can listen to “Regrets” on SoundCloud Here and on Spotify Here

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