The Color Study – “I Wanted Light/Between”

We recently checked out the second single from The Color Study “I Wanted Light/Between “ The song will be featured on the upcoming sophomore album, Future-Past-Present-Tense .

Scott Oliphant is the main force behind The Color Study took a brilliant deep dive in working on the new record .While the band’s eponymous debut record was consciously mired by the sadness of a relationship lost, Future-Past-Present Tensetakes a turn for the more heady and existentially philosophical, though still in some aspect or another touching on the impact interpersonal relationships can leave. He began pondering the dynamics of these connections – how even the slightest interactions have the potential to change the course of one’s life, how they’ll live and how they may, or may not, experience love in life. That’s how the album title itself came to be, serving as a mini grammatical roadmap for how an interaction that hasn’t even come to be yet could affect who you are in the present, and how you’ll remember your past.

I Wanted Light / Between looks at this in a different way, shifting the focus from what happens to us onto what we make happen for ourselves. How, if we’ve managed to find the light in the darkness, do we exist in the in-between space if that luminance goes out? That light can come by the way of love for another person or an opportunity, but ultimately, it’s up to us to keep the flame of our candle lit. Deep, yes, though executed with an ethereal air in the way Oliphant and co. tackle it. Melissa Atillo’s vocals punctuate heavy thoughts with a haloed exclamation point, adding just enough of an unclouded contrast to weighty conceptual worries

We love the sonic feel of “I Wanted Light/Between “ The playful melodies roam throughout the song . We couldn’t help but notice the very Beatles like feel the song has giving it a great energy .

You can listen to “I Wanted Light/Between” Here

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