Brody Bond-“It is love”

We recently checked out Baltimore based alt folk artist Brody Bond and his latest single from the Mo(u)rning EPs “It is Love”

This song has a driving beat that grabs you right away. Brody Bond is a beyond gifted songwriter who has the amazingly ability to craft amazing and thought provoking lyrics around any tempo. As a listener you are instantly captivated by this well written song .

Vocally Bond gives an energetic and passionate performance that adds another dimension to the song .

The single It Is Love boasts big, crunching pop-rock guitars, and vocals that have a sublime flutter in them, as if Brody is singing right on the brink of crying. This song explores a handful of themes that interfered with Brody’s understanding of love, and how those things can serve as an invitation to ultimately see love in a different dimension. Hearing this song is almost like witnessing self-talk that leads to a profound awakening. “All at one moment I was dealing with situations and relationships where I felt suddenly un-loved and unvalued, which forced me to ask questions of what love actually is and what type of person I want to be,” Brody recalls. “It was a learning experience, and an invitation to start to accept myself and others differently – in love – because love isn’t what I thought it was.”

You can listen to “It Is Love “ Here

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