Stalking Gia- Obviously….

We recently checked out the new single “Obviously…“ from New York based songwriter Stalking Gia.

“Obviously..” is about the dreaded talking phase during the first few weeks of seeing someone new. From grand gestures to radio silence and all the speculation in-between. Song form of the phrases… if they wanted to they would & he’s just not that into you,” proclaims Stalking Gia. Featuring lush acoustic guitars, bouncy warm basslines and honey-layered vocals, “obviously…” is a reflective exploration of new relations.

We love the authentic feel that Stalking Gia brings to her music . “Obviously..” is a simple track but at the same time it has this hypnotic feel to it that grabs your attention right away .

You can listen to “Obviously..” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

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