IOTA Release Blazing New Single “Ballet Box “

Here’s one to jumpstart your Friday!Bristol-based rock five-piece IOTA, released “Ballet Box “today, taken from their upcoming EP.

The raw explosive energy on “Ballet Box “ is absolutely incredible. Vocalist Jodie Robinson gives an electrifying performance that is beyond brilliant.

The band as a whole is sonically perfect . Jodie Robinson (Vocals) Josef Parkes (Guitar) Sam Mattison (Bass) Joe Dean (Guitar) and Thomas John (Drums) are a tremendous band who on “Ballet Box” put on an absolute clinic on what a great song should sound like .

“Ballet Box” was written much differently to their previous music and their usual way of working. Usually writing from lived experiences, this track in particular was based on a vision each member shared and worked together to build on.

Explaining the inspiration behind the single, vocalist and lyricist Jodie Robinson explains, “Its about a ballerina inside of a jewellery box coming to life as the box closes. Inspired by the thought of the ‘object’ coming to life and how they’d never know what it was like to be outside of that box and nobody would ever know that they were alive. There was a play on the element of control and feeling trapped, fighting with that part of your mind. It’s very much a song about ‘Is there more to life and can we fulfil that void’.”

You can listen to “Ballet Box “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

IOTA is the real deal . We can’t wait for more music .

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