Lost on the Metro “Provenance “

We recently checked out St. Louis Americana group Lost on the Metro and their new single “Provenance”

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we go any farther… This song flat out smokes . It is by far one of the most bluesy track we have heard in a long time .Lost on the Metro are a tremendously talented group of musicians. Jilly Morey gives a powerful vocal performance that is simply stunning. Jilly Morey crafts beautiful and powerful lyrics that sometimes deal with difficult and dark themes, however, Jilly Morey is a voice that is needed in today’s landscape.Her songs are strong beacons of hope that speak deeply to the soul.

Formed with husband David, Morey’s band Lost on the Metro is easy to connect with and engaging to hear, due in no small part to the sparklings guitar, fiery vocals, and the ways in which the two interweave. New single Provenance, which was originally a four page poem, was drawn from themes of death, family, and community during the pandemic. Musically, Provenance features soaring vocals and screaming slide guitars in an alt-country endeavour, but below the surface the song battles disillusionment and disappointment with a buoyant, renewed optimism.

You can listen to “Provenance” on Spotify Here

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