Dancing On Tables – “Colour In The Grey “

We finally got a chance to review the full album “Colour In The Grey “ from Scotland based Dancing On Tables.

“Colour In The Grey” is a spectacular gem of a record. 10 perfectly crafted alt-pop masterpieces.

You can listen to “Colour In The Grey “ Here

Starting with “How Do I Get Back to Her” the band puts their foot on the gas and doesn’t let up for a second. As we said when we first heard “How Do I Get Back To Her” “These fine gentlemen artfully took a song about the reflection of a ruined relationship and they made it fun “

With a steady backbeat the band gives us the tremendous track “Breathe” Dancing On Tables gives us such warm and addictive songs that even if you are hearing a song for the first time, by the second chorus your full-on singing along .

In our opinion “Better Off Friends “ is a genuine smash that is destined for greatness.

The song “Sing Along “ is exactly that… a sing along you can’t help but belt out in traffic . ( we may or may not have done this )

You may not know it yet but “Colour In The Grey” by Dancing On Tables is about to become your new favorite record and with great songs like “So What “ and “Rollercoaster Love” it’s easy to see why .

You can check out the video for “So What “ below

Do yourself a favor and check out Dancing On Tables and their amazing new record “The Colour Of Grey

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