The Eaves Release New Video for “It’ll Be Ok “

We recently checked out the video for “It’ll Be Ok” which is the latest single of the Buffalo based band The Eaves . The band’s upcoming album ‘Lately, I Don’t Have a God… and Other Obvious Epiphanies’ which comes out November 4th . You can stream “It’ll Be Ok”Here

The new record was recorded with Jay Zubricky ( Taking Back Sunday , Save Face , Super American) with two tracks produced by Robbie Takac of Goo Goo Dolls

The Eaves consist of childhood friends Adam Cluckey, , Chris Couche, and Maurice Halliday . The Eaves have this great driving authentic rock sound that just feels right and genuine.

Of the latest single and upcoming album, The Eaves‘ Chris Couche says “’It’ll Be Okay’ was the last song we wrote for the record. The album as a whole, despite its base intention to convey hopefulness persevering over cynicism, had felt like it was still missing something undeniably hopeful. ‘It’ll Be Okay’ is meant to be that earnest, reassuring catharsis – direct, unashamed, and unadulterated.”

The video was shot by Brett Ballachino, Creative Director Benjamin Lieber You can check out the video for “It’ll be Ok” below.

We can’t wait for ‘Lately, I Don’t Have a God… and Other Obvious Epiphanies’

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