It Doesn’t Get Sweeter Than This… Crash Monkeys Give Us an Epic Rock Song with “Sugar “

The new single “Sugar” from Santa Cruz based indie rock outfit Crash Monkeys comes at you with more steam and power than 10 locomotives.

You can listen to “Sugar” on Spotify Here and on SoundCloud Here

“Sugar” grabs your attention quickly with a blues injected rock melody that is fueled with enough raw emotion and energy to light up the midnight sky .

primary singer and songwriter, and co-guitarist Stel Furet’s vocals are “Rock and Roll”perfect and have you hanging on every single well crafted word .

Sugar, teeters on the line between bluesy bluster and 1990s slacker-rock, but it also manages to sneak in some tricky-timed riffage without coming off overly technical. The lyrics on the track are cynical, sinister, and swaggering. Here, Stel sings: I’d do anything just to know you/Even kill just to get your love/I’d do anything just to show you/Just how bad I need your love/And you know I’ll sin to fit in/‘Cause you’re my sugar pimp. When pressed about the song, Stel coyly says: “I like going fast. Cars, bikes, skis, whatever. I wanted to write a revved-up driving song. So, I was in northern Wisconsin last year, and I got on the highway. I did about 120 on some really well paved and, seemingly, endless highways they have up there, I heard the riff in my head, and the song came to be.

Songs like “Sugar” are exactly what Rock and Roll is all about , Fast,Loud,Unapologetic and Fun as Hell. We can’t wait until Crash Monkeys release their debut EP “Love &Kicks” comes out on November 18th . Until then … pour yourself an extra large cup of coffee and crank “Sugar” to 11.

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