Love Hounds – “Endonesia”

We recently had the distinct pleasure check out Nashville UnAmericana/Cowpunk quartet Love Hounds and their song “Endonesia” The track is on their upcoming full-length “No Love”

Love Hounds are everything that music should be.In what CB Brooks has dubbed UnAmericana, Love Hounds unites his love of punk rock and outlaw country with a wink and a nod to cowpunk, but a sound all of their own.

The band consists of David Keith on drums, Eric Ralls on lead guitar and Josh Emmons on bass, tied together with Brook’s distinct gravelly voice.

Their forthcoming first album, No Love, is a reflection of and reaction to Nashville’s honky tonks and highways, sprawling suburban strip-malls, two-day delivery conglomerates and a skyline of cranes. It’s being back in the burbs, all anger and angst with silence no longer being an option. This collection of screams into the void results in a rowdy and incriminating protest album that points the finger at everyone, but most especially Brooks himself.

For the album release, they’ve also helped curate UnAmericana Fest, headlined by punk legends The Queers, which will take place on November 19th in Murfreesboro, TN.

Capturing the spirit of Brooks’ journey, new single Endonesia is essentially his “F you, I quit” song. “I’ve had enough of indifference,” he dips in during the verse, alluding not only to his newfound realization that music and capitalism shouldn’t mix, but to his fresh anger toward the United States and toward an unfair system that favors those already in power.

The message is blunt, but aurally the song subverts expectations in unexpected ways, riding its soaring guitars victoriously across a sonic finish line that culminates in Brooks’ vocals that scream and skyrocket across his frustrated tonal universe.

We are absolutely over the moon about Love Hounds . They are a unique and genuine band that has a true and authentic message and they are afraid to be themselves.

You can check out “Endonesia” below

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