UK’s DARKO Shine with Release of “Sparkle” EP

We recently checked out the brand new EP Sparkle from UK veterans DARKO It’s a genre-defying EP showcasing classic Darko vibes mixed with some new twists and turns. It’s also the quintet’s first release featuring new frontman, Tom West, previously of Almeida.

All we can is when you listen to the new EP “Sparkle you better strap in and hold on tight because, this EP absolutely rocks . There is no beating around the bush here , From the first note of the epic first track The ladder” it is nothing but premium grade top shelf rock .

You can listen to “Sparkle” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The “Ladder” has made headlines recently for calling for a cull of misogynists within the punk rock community in ‘The Ladder’. Adding to”The Ladder “Katz Hinsley of Manchester’s Follow Your Dreamsadds her signature yells to the track’s crescendo, with the passionate refrain “the scene is big enough for every one of us”.

On “Aux” DARKO masterfully showcases their versatility by displaying both their melodic and heavy side. Not afraid to speak their mind Aux” is a misanthropic attack on selfishness in COVID-era Britain in ‘AUX’.

DARKO gets honest and real with “Cruel To Be”a scalding attack on the “#BeKind” movement and influential online culture war ‘bullies’.

“We’re often lectured about how much nicer the world would be if we were all “a bit more kind”, says singer Tom West

“It’s a lovely sentiment, but if we aren’t standing up to bullies, we aren’t being “more kind” at all, we’re just being cowards and hypocrites. Calling out a bigot doesn’t make you as bad as the bigot.”

West continues: “Often the worst bullies use their massive platforms to attack marginalised groups, and then claim they’re the ones being bullied when people fight back. Cruel to Be is dedicated to anyone who’s fed up with being told they’re overreacting to being smeared and dehumanised by professional antagonists with enormous wealth, reach and influence.”

The Final track on “Sparkle” – “Quiet” is an absolute melodic masterpiece. We were absolutely blown away by every aspect of this song . It is the absolute perfect song to end with .

DARKO’s amazing EP “Sparkle” is available now via Thousand Islands Records / Lockjaw Records.

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