Belted Sweater – “Dominion” -An Excellent , Mind Blowing Sisters Of Mercy Cover

We recently checked out L.A. queercore synth punk project Belted Sweater (aka drummer/singer Christopher Patrick Gregory) and the first single “Dominion “ from their upcoming covers EP Health Goth. “Dominion” which a Sisters Of Mercy cover , is absolutely a stroke of genius.

Belted Sweater’s version of “Dominion” is such a fresh , unique, brilliant interpretation of the song that it should be displayed in a museum.

Gregory describes Belted Sweater as sounding if Henry Rollins was in the Pet Shop Boys but with live drums and even gayer lyrics, chronicling terribly humiliating Grindr hookups and free clinic visits.”

You can listen to this amazing cover of “Dominion” Here

We simply cannot wait for the rest of the EP!

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