moondaddy- “Lover’s Eye“

We recently checked out the mesmerizing new single“lover’s Eye” from San Diego dream pop project moondaddy. The track will be on moondaddy’s debut record and song was produced by Estereomance’s Manuel Calderon

Many artists have reported that during the pandemic because, there wasn’t anything to that it was a time where they were finding themselves expressing themselves creatively.

This was the case for San Diego artist multi-instrumentalist Cara Potiker as it was during the pandemic that she started her new project moondaddy as a way to escape the pandemic and the dread that came with it . She became obsessed with analog equipment and tangible audio formats, spending hours at a time locked in her space facing and out-letting her dreams, fears, and addictions. The only activity that felt safe was crate digging at local record stores, which inspired her to invest in a record lathe and tape deck to make physical demos.

Cara discovered El Paso, Texas-based Manuel Calderon aka El Cosmophonico listed as a mixing credit on the back of one of her favorite records and she eventually decided to hand over her demos for professional mixing. The two formed a fast musical connection and decided to cut a full album at Sonic Ranch, a pecan orchard and residential recording studio in Tornillo, Texas. Calderon and Potiker were joined by several talented local El Paso and Ciudad Juárez artists that contributed heart and depth to every soundscape. Pulling from influences ranging from 1970’s glam rock to 90’s shoegaze and trip hop, moondaddy’s forthcoming debut full-length, Poet Lies, is a reverb soaked, shimmering fever dream of a record.

The first single from the record, Lover’s Eye, is a glimpse into the pain of unresolved and unrequited love inspired by the Georgian trend of gifting portrait miniatures to secret lovers. The track begins with a recitative verse driven by a brooding bass line, thick melancholic strings, and a shrill wailing guitar. “I tore through the lovers eye, and I don’t know why“ ripples through the spacious, hook-driven chorus. The song arouses the listener by moving from cinematic grunge and indie rock to an energetic trip hop fade out. Lover’s Eye seamlessly encapsulates several genres while still fitting in with the rest of the album.

“Lover’s Eye” is an absolutely mystical delight We were captivated by the very spiritual vibe of the song . Cara Potiker is a gifted storyteller and musician who artfully brought “Lover’s Eye” to life . Her musical partnership with Manuel Calderon has resulted in an absolute gem.

You can listen to “Lover’s Eye Here

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