Great Grandpa’s Al Menne collaborates with Career Woman on new single “Dream Journal”

Menne and Career Woman’s Melody Caudill sing about fear and change in latest single

Career Woman, the music project of 18-year-old Melody Caudill, today released a fourth single this year, “Dream Journal.” Caudill is joined by Al Menne of Seattle-based indie rock band Great Grandpa, who contributed vocals. “Dream Journal” is another deeply personal and intimate song about fear, change, and Caudill’s journey to trusting herself.

Photo credit 0752am

“Dream Journal “ is a breathtaking and delicate body of work that has a level of honesty that is both authentic and relatable.

The musical energy between Caudill and Menne gives “Dream Journal” a deep rooted soul that resonates throughout the song .

Al Menne

Central to Caudill’s writing is always a discussion of mental health or finding your way. In “Dream Journal,” Caudill and Menne explore imposter syndrome, anxiety, and the fear of change, “even if it’s for the better,” said Caudill. In the single, Caudill sings, “I’m learning how to be alive and how not to be alone all the time / I don’t have it down yet but I’m getting there.” Menne adds to Caudill’s emotive vocals, combining to create soft, meandering swells that set the tone for the single.

Caudill said about collaborating with Menne, “Al Menne has always been someone I admire and am immensely inspired by, and the fact that they sang and wrote on this track is the ultimate imposter syndrome trigger, but is also one of the coolest opportunities I’ve been given as a musician so far.

Dream Journal” is available on, Spotify ,Apple Music and other major streaming platforms

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