We Found Your New Favorite Song…… “Nuisance” by Loyalty To Me

We were so excited to check out the explosive new single “Nuisance“ from Central Jersey rockers Loyalty To Me .

You can listen to “NuisanceHere on Spotify and on Apple Music Here

Loyalty To Me , has done it right since forming in 2018 the self proclaimed “Radio Emo Band” has over years has developed a well crafted sound that is gaining more speed than a speeding freight train.

Their debut EP Clash//Coexist released in 2020 featured strong tunes that rode the line between 2000’s emo angst and smart modern pop sensibilities this, is on full display with Theaf lead single “Rewrites”

Following a break due to the pandemic the band charged back into the studio resulting in new material that saw the band taking on a more heavier sound . The first single was “Reactor” which features a “full tilt “ rock sound produced by scene veteran Mike Watt .

Now Loyalty To Me gives us their latest offering….. The hard hitting punk track “Nuisance “ . The band is full throttle on the track recorded Doug Gallo . The heavier sound suites Loyalty To Me . They are sonically perfect on “Nuisance” showing that as a band they are well oiled machine and exhibit world class musicianship. Vocally frontman Will delivers an outstanding and powerful performance proving the band is ready for whatever is next .

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