Davey Harris Gives Us an Absolute Gem with “Ms Georgia”

We were beyond privileged to check out Davey Harris and his new single “Ms Georgia” where he reflects on the power of a past love .

You can listen to “Ms Georgia “ on Spotify and on Apple Music

Let’s be honest, shall we? Davey Harris is pretty amazing not only has he wrote an amazing new song Ms Georgia which , we think should be on every top song list of 2022 in December.

I mean the pop sensibilities in Ms Georgia are off the charts . The other thing that makes the song so good is it has this retro feel to it. There is this psychedelic/ Brit pop beat to it that just amazing . And… the hand claps / clicks… pure gold .

Even though Ms Georgia ultimately is about heartache and bittersweet remembrance Davey Harris is able to his use epic gift of being a gifted storyteller laced over psychedelic folk rock instrumentation to make the song have a pleasant feel even if the subject matter is less than pleasant.

Now the other reason why Davey Harris is amazing (we got a little sidetracked) is that he is an artist with a solid conscious who is very versatile in what his song theme’s are, whether it be warnings about climate change to transparent self reflection . He is truly a unique gifted artist who needs to be heard and enjoyed by all.

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