Archer Monk “Joy Ride Opus”

We were completely over the moon excited to finally get our hands (and ears ) on the new LP”Joy Ride Opus “ from Mill Valley based Americana / Tumbleweed Pop artist Archer Monk. We were completely blown away by the singles “Lost In Translation “ and “Hidden Doors” so to think we now had a full album to sink our teeth in well…. It was like hitting the lottery.

You can listen to “Joy Ride Opus “ on Spotify and on Apple Music

Archer Monk the pseudonym for artist T. Wold has delivered an album that has more gems than a diamond mine. Wold has literally hit another gear with “Joy Ride Opus “

From the opening bass line in “A Man Needs to Fail” straight through to “Hidden Doors” the listener is brought on an audio journey that has all the feels and emotions that you won’t soon forget.

At the center of Joy Ride Opus “ is the the brilliant and world class story telling skills of T.Wold . Delicately crafted songs that are brought to life in vivid vibrant melodies that majestically weave in and out of stellar lyrics.

We were captivated by the natural sweetness of “Sugar Dance” artful and playful lyrics made this track quite memorable and enjoyable.

We loved the the energy in “Because of You “ We have a rule at The Whole Kameese if you are singing the chorus the first time you hear a song … It’s a good one

Even songs that have a hint of sadness like “Just Another Morning “ are orchestrated so well that they become enjoyable.

The song on “Joy Ride Opus” that made us stand up and go “Wow” was “Hollywood Choir” The song has so much spirit and energy. The song is an absolute celebration. If you don’t have a little extra pep in your step after this song …. I suggest seeking medical attention.

“Joy Ride Opus” is truly a great sounding collection of songs that should be required listening for any true music lover.

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