Cheers To Jamie Beale And His Top Shelf New Single “Champagne People “

Ok… raise your hand if you get super excited about a really good song? Well we are raising our hand because we also get excited about really good songs. And…. “Champagne People” by the amazingly talented Jamie Beale is a really , really, really good song.

“Champagne People” is the third single off of Jamie Beale’s upcoming debut album “Hello Nimbus” which will available on November 25th (We can’t wait ! )

You can listen to “Champagne People “ on Spotify here , Apple Music here and on Amazon Music Here

Champagne People’, a song about someone forgetting who they are, where they’ve come from and who their true friends are while pursuing success and fame.

Speaking about the inspiration for the single, Jamie says: “ I feel that we are living in this weird age where people are willing to do anything for fame. You see it all the time on social media – it’s so easy to put up a veil and hide all the realities and imperfections of life that ultimately make us human. Quite often, in these industries that promote the idea of fame as success, people surround themselves with an entourage of fake people; people that are only really there to further their own careers. On the outside looking in, it seems that no-one in these circles are truly content, but instead are lonely and looking to fill that void with possessions or short lived moments of attention and gratification.

“I guess I can’t help but feel for these people, so I wrote a song about someone who’s trying to climb the social ladder, and ends up alone, hiding behind a pretty picture of how they want their life to look.”

A one-shot – and Jamie’s first – official music video is being released alongside the single, you can watch below.

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