Guatemalan Heavy Dreamgaze duo Failing Exploration Unleash their new single “Stop, Drop + Roll”

We are so psyched to share another song from Guatemalan heavy dreamgaze duo Failing Exploration . The new single is “Stop Drop+Roll” . The new single is heavier than some of their other tracks but, we think the heavier sound really rocks !

Failing Exploration is an Alternative Rock band from Xela, Guatemala, formed by Jose del Carmen (Vocals/Rhythm guitar) and Marks Valdez (Lead Guitar). By distilling the sounds of Muse, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sigur Ros, MCR and Slowdive, Failing Exploration has crafted its own identity as a fast and heavy, yet also ethereal and atmospheric Alt-Rock combined with lots of emotional expression through deeply personal and vulnerable lyrics.

Stop, Drop + Roll is the band’s 6th and heaviest single off of its debut album “The Broken Fingers Blues”, a 10-song album that will be put out one song at a time, that can be summed up as a concept album about a young, working class man, trying his best not to break down in the face of isolation, uncertainty and hopelessness brought on by an escalating pandemic, a world plunged into political and economic turmoil as well as more personal level hardships such as dealing with bipolar disorder, a lack of self-identity and toxic relationships.

You can listen to “ Stop,Drop+Roll on Spotify here and on Apple Music here as well as Bandcamp

Failing Exploration bring a fresh approach to their music that is needed in today’s musical landscape. The duo is sonically in tune and we can’t wait for what they will do next .

You can check out a visual for “Stop,Drop,+Roll” below

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