Belgian Pop-punks Charlie Bit My Finger Serve Up A Spectacular Record With “Back and Fourth “

Not only does Belgian Pop – Punks Charlie Bit My Finger have an epic band name but their new record out today “Back and Fourth” Recorded in Antwerp at Big Dog Recordings by Tim Van Doornvia and released by Thousand Islands Records/ Bearded Punk Records is an absolutely brilliant collection of songs .

You can listen to “Back and Fourth “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Back and Fourth “ is one of those rare records where you can press play and walk away because, every song just straight out rocks .

Opening track “Breaking Out” is a fast paced stadium ready song that is best enjoyed when you crank the speakers to 11.

We were blown away by the versatility of the band . We were especially impressed with the hard hitting Stand Up” the track had a little Red Hot Chili Peppers flavor to it.

Sonically “Paranoid “ was a flawless melodic masterpiece the band, really shine with this track.

“Backseat” struck us as the perfect song to have blasting while you are heading to the beach. We especially love the playful ending

At every turn on Back and FourthCharlie Bit My Finger serves up nothing but world class pop punk.

Typically when we review a record we try to zero in on one song as our favorite . Charlie Bit My Finger made that almost impossible with so many great songs on the record. Do we pick “Dream On”? Or do we go with “Vows”?

In the end we went with turbo charged “Listen To Me Now “ It’s sonically perfect and is just one of those great songs that just stays with you .

Do your self a favor… Clear your schedule and listen to “Back And Forth “ from Charlie Bit My Finger” We promise… you won’t regret it

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