SORAIA Release Electrifying New Album “Bloom”

We have definitely have had this date circled on our calendar . Today Philadelphia rockers SORAIA have released the long awaited new album “Bloom” out now on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records .

Photo Credit- Cassandra Panek

Things are definitely in full Bloom for SORAIA not only have they released their new record “Bloom” but the red hot single “I Seek Fire” is burning up the Billboard Chart as it lands on #21. The band is currently on tour bringing their brand of electrifying rock and roll to a town near you .

You can listen to “Bloom” Here

“Bloom” is a tremendous, powerful record that has great solid songs from top to bottom . “Bloom” has this timeless quality to it where it doesn’t matter if it’ 2022 or 1982 these songs flat out rock…..

SORAIA kicks the doors open with the opening track “Jokers,Thieves and Liars” The track absolutely smokes. An electric melody coupled by a blazing vocal performance from ZouZou Mansour It is clear right away that SORAIA are ready to bring it .

“Tight -Lipped” is a seductive heavy blues tinged track that the band crafts perfectly . The high quality tight musicianship of SORAIA really shines on this track .

It’s easy to see why “I seek Fire is doing so well on the charts. We have liked this one from the get go . I Seek Fire “ is brimming with raw power and emotion. It’s a straight ahead rock tune that hits on all cylinders with a killer guitar sound that gets your blood pumping.

The band says, “We are blown away every single week as we get the privilege to watch our ‘I Seek Fire’ single climb the Billboard Modern Rock Indicator Charts–up to #21 this week. The feeling is unexplainable. Our hearts are full. The way the PDs and MDs at commercial modern rock radio have embraced our song, the fantastic love of our label Wicked Cool Records, our “won’t accept no for an answer” team, and the undying belief of our fans has kept us going more than they know. This kind of excitement surrounding our newest song and upcoming album has meant the world to us. The unwavering love of our most ardent supporters who are already successful in the music industry has changed everything. They know who they are:) THANK YOU. We couldn’t ask for more.”

You can check out the video for “I Seek Fire” below which was directed by Sam Shapson ( Yeah Yeah Yeahs , Demi Lovato, Oliver Tree, Thrice, Corey Taylor, All Time Low, MKG, Poppy)

One track that really stands out to us is “Hammer and The Anvil “ We love the melodic feel on this track . Lyrically we found ourselves intrigued as if we were reading a classic novel

“Strutter” never sounded better, the band’s interpretation of the Kiss classic is brilliant.

We were really drawn to “Jackson’s Song “ The song really shows the versatility of SORAIA . a surprisingly simple song yet beautifully tragic love story between two bikers – is a vulnerable spot on the album. It’s one partner’s confession of her changing emotions and personhood that ends in a solid moment fated by twisted loyalty.

Another anthemic song is the soul-defining and very personal ‘Mephistopheles’ which closes the record. A claim on current culture mirrored in an intimately personal experience, Mephistopheles himself is a charmer – both wildly alluring and utterly deadly. The song’s highlight is the dark angelic backgrounds in the final chorus—a statement that visually brings to mind Dante’s Inferno. ’’Mephistopheles’ is about a real experience and holds its place at the end of our record for a reason….” affirms ZouZou Mansour, lead singer and lyricist for Soraia.

SORAIA have crafted an absolute masterpiece with Bloom” This most definitely is the record you have been waiting for .

Soraia is:

ZouZou MansourLead Vocals, Tambourine

Travis SmithBass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Brianna Sig – Drums, Backing Vocals

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