The Whole Kameese Playlist for October 23rd -October 29th

Once again we had another amazing week of great music . We added 15 songs to our October Spotify playlist . Be sure to like and add @thewholekameese on all the socials so you can stay up to date on all the amazing artists we cover . You can also subscribe right to the blog below so you don’t miss a single post. Playlist below.

First up is SORAIA and their amazing track “I Seek Fire” from their amazing new album “Bloom”

Next up is Jonah Kagen and his stunning new track “graveyard shift “

Davey Harris brings us a song we can stop dancing around the room to….. “Ms Georgia “

All We’ve got to say is… you have to check out “All I’VE GOT TO SAY by Jake Hays

From their amazingly awesome new record “Back and Fourth “ Charlie Bit My Finger gives us the melodic anthem “Listen To Me”

Failing Exploration gives us the explosive “Stop Drop + Roll

“Champagne People “ from Jamie Beale is a top shelf song that we can’t get enough of .

Archer Monk gives us the terrific “Hollywood Choir “ from his new album “Joy Ride Opus”

Loyalty To Me gives us the stellar track “Nuisance” this track totally slays

The beautiful and stunning “Dream Journal “ from Career Woman and Al Menne will take your breath away.

The new American Thrills song “Ego Death “ totally kicks some major ass !

We love Belted Sweater and their cover of “Dominion “ from The Sisters Of Mercy absolutely brilliant.

We are absolutely captivated by “Lover’s Eye from moondaddy

Xondra moves us with her heartfelt new track “Inner Child

Just in time for Halloween we get an absolute gem in “Haunted” from the Bristol (UK) alt-rock two piece POLLYANNA BLUE

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