Sarchasm Gives us an Amazing New Single/Video with “Crazy”

Photo Credit – Jonathan Botkin

East Bay punk favorites Sarchasm give us the spectacular new single and video for “Crazy” -We are absolutely nuts for this song it 100 percent slays . It’s an ultra energetic ode to relationships both internal and external . It is single number 1 off their forthcoming full length album Conditional Love

The announcement is bittersweet, too: (cue sad sound effects) After 12 years together, Sarchasm will be disbanding shortly after the album is released on December 2.

You can listen to “Crazy” on Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music and other major streaming platforms

On its surface, “Crazy” is a straightforward anthem about breaking up with a partner and getting over them. Bassist and songwriter Alex Botkin says there’s another layer to the track. “On the underlying level, it is definitely more about the person from their perspective and struggling with not having a good self-outlook.”

We have always admired Sarchasm. Their sound has always been this electrifying melodic sound that was always so freaking cool and real and not to mention they always seem like they are having a blast .

The video plays off the song’s themes of moving past anger and self-loathing toward acceptance, represented by a battling pair of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots-inspired boxers. Much like Sarchasm’s music, the tongue-in-cheek presentation invites listeners to have a great time while sharing deeper themes and messages. “Crazy” also encapsulates many of the feelings the band has had about themselves as a group, even though it was written long before Conditional Love was ever conceived.

Sarchasm will be playing their album release and farewell shows at This Year Sucked 8 at 924 Gilman Street in Oakland, California on December 30 and 31.

Conditional Love will release digitally and on vinyl/CD via Asian Man Records, and on cassette via No Time Records.

While we are sad that SARCHASM is releasing their final record with “Conditional Love” we know this record will totally be amazing so we can’t wait for that !

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