Goalkeeper Delivers An Instant Classic with “I Wish I Met You Sooner”

When it came to waiting for Goalkeeper’s debut full-length album “I wish I Met You Sooner” we felt like we did when we would go on long road trips as a kid and yelled “Are We There yet???

Well we are happy to report just like that trip to Virginia Beach….. “I wish I Met You Sooner “ was absolutely 100% worth the wait (plus we didn’t get car sick this time)

In all seriousness “I Wish I Met You Sooner” is a prime example of a band hitting it’s absolute creative stride .

You can listen to “I Wish I Met You Sooner on Spotify and Apple Music

Photo Credit – Bill Cardella

“I Wish I Meet You Sooner “ opens like a speeding freight train with “Car Wreck”, which finds the band locked in while delivering a melodic gem that is full of more twist and turns and emotions than a first date ridding the “Tilt a Whirl at an amusement park .

Car Wreck is the epitome of Goalkeeper. Blending everything that makes the band who we are is this song. Hard-hitting riffs, catchy chorus, and energy that no one will want to stand still for.” – Marc Juliano (Guitar)

You can check out the fun video for “Car Wreck” below

For us we found “Sooner” to be the absolute stand out on an album that is almost in our opinion flawless.

“Sooner” has all the feels as an extremely relatable track as we can all remember that one person we had an instant connection with and wished we met them “Sooner “

You can check out the video for “Sooner” below.

“Talk About” is an energetic track flavored with honesty mixed with heartache . The song feels like a relationship in the way it starts slow and builds up brimming with emotion.

On the epic “Lost Reality “ Goalkeeper teams up with Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) for a dynamic and melodic tour de force . Nik Bruzzese not only was featured on “Lost Reality “but, along with Kevin Mahoney (Hit The Lights and Joywave produced “I wish I Met You Sooner” at The Gradwell House

You can watch the video for “Lost Reality “ below

There truly is not a bad track on “I Wish You Sooner” Goalkeeper does a tremendous job of forging their own unique sound while at the same time having a warm familiar spark that draws you in . So put I Wish I Met You Sooner “ on, crank it to 11 and get lost in a spectacular collection of songs like “Truth In A Frame”, “Half In Half Out “ and the perfect album closer “ Former Lives”

You owe it to yourself to listen to this epic band and album …. You’ll be glad you did .

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