Alive In Barcelona Shakes The Earth with Hard Hitting New EP “Flatline” and New Video for “Decay”

Today west coast hard rock band Alive In Barcelona release their emotionally heavy and sonically tremendous “Flatline” EP via Smartpunk Records. Alongside the release is a special music video for the final single “Decay.” The collection of tracks, co-written with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You, is equal parts heavy and melodic, showcasing the band’s range of masterful rock instrumentals and soul-penetrating vocals. Their mission is equally important – their struggles with loss, emotional pain, and grief have paved the way for them to develop their mission statement: “to inspire hope in those that have none.” This EP is a true example of that mission coming to fruition:

You can stream the new EP “Flatline” Here

We are really excited to release this EP. Our roots are seeded in heavy music and I think these songs do a great job staying true to that, all the meanwhile, trying to encompass the way that people in different societies around the world are feeling. We hope that our music speaks to fans and newcomers alike and that each listener finds a deeper personal meaning in each track.” – Matt Hoos, Vocalist of Alive In Barcelona

“Flatline” is a spectacular sonic masterpiece. As heavy as “Flatline” Alive In Barcelona present these powerful songs in almost cinematic form, truly breathtaking.

You can check out the video for “Decay” below

The five-piece from the Pacific Northwest have been to hell and back, suffering losses both personal and public. Persevering through the death of Jesse’s Father, a mentor and confidant for the band, AIB has set out to seek the lost, the broken, and the hurting. The group refocused their efforts in order to pursue a message of hope after losing many friends to depression, substance abuse, and consequently, suicide. These trials paved the way for AIB to develop their mission statement: “to inspire hope in those that have none.” The band uses their own stories of personal hardship, struggle, and loss, to relate to their fans, in order to achieve this.

2022 AIB teamed up with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You to write new tracks for what would become the Flatline EP. Tracks Parasite and Asphyxiate were co-written instrumentals that Jesse and Matt collaborated on with Landon.

Alive In Barcelona is

Matt HoosVocals

Jesse BartonGuitar/Vocals

Chase WilliamsDrums

Cameron DouthatGuitar

Colton AndersonBass

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