The Whole Kameese First November Spotify Playlist (With Videos)

Hello Happy November !

We got some great music this week . We have 19 amazing songs to kick off November We also got a lot great videos this week so if the song had a video we added that here as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog below so you get all the playlist updates . Also remember to like us on all the socials so your in the know @thewholekameese

playlist Below

We will start with “Haunted” from Pollyanna Blue The Bristol (UK) alt-rock gave us the perfect Halloween song in “Haunted” and on Halloween they gave us an amazing video for “Haunted “ check it out below .

Staying with Halloween theme we have the very excellent Ska-Goth Collective with the very spooky “Wake The Dead “

Next we have Boston Punk Legends Nervous Eaters who sound better than ever with their track “End Of The World Girl . We have also included the video as well

We have been rocking out to “Kids” by Baltimore’s Dosser since we added it and now.. we have the awesome video for the song

It was an amazing busy for Xondra first we got the single “Tedious” which is amazing and today ( Friday ) we got the spectacular EP “Tedious & Brief “

We had the opportunity to listen to the Sheffield (UK) based female fronted indie trio Harri Larkin . This band is really amazing check out their equally amazing track “Bonfire Toffee” We are happy to include the brand new video for “Bonfire Toffee”

We reviewed the brilliant new LP from Goalkeeper this week . If you haven’t checked it out go do it now . We love the track “Lost Reality” featuring Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard We love the video as well

If you haven’t checked out Whitehall from Charleston,SC We think now would be the perfect time to do so especially check their new track “Don’t Check Your Phone”

San Francisco Art Punks released an amazing video for their track “Dead When It Started”Great song , Great video

If “Lost And Found “ from Princess Nostalgia doesn’t get you dancing then honestly we don’t know what will . This song is tremendous

Caroline Romano gives us the incredible new single “Me After September “ If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Caroline Romano we suggest you start with “Me After September”

Tampa based singer-songwriter Malachi Gagnon gives the well crafted gem “On My Mind “ he is a talented well beyond his 15 years .

Maggie Cubillos gives us the beautiful “Old Shoes “ In a sea of Singer-songwriters Maggie Cubillos stands out as a fresh bright voice. She is a rising talent who, we feel is just getting started. We can’t wait to hear more.

New York City lo-fi alternative project Marcyline gives us the mystical and stunning “The Clearing”

East Bay punk favorites Sarchasm knock it out of the park with the brand new single “Crazy” from their upcoming new LP “Conditional Love”

We are loving the melodic masterpiece that is A Fine Hill to Die On “ from Sic Waiting one of our favorite tracks is “Good Things”

We absolutely love “Bombs” from Sloth Fist We love the energy from Sloth Fist

If it’s hard hitting earth shaking music you crave you, have to check out Alive In Barcelona and their melodically work of art “Decay

We loved the previously unreleased B -Side “Spit It Out” from Sloth Fist that we had to include it

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