Andie Mechanic “Call it Even”

We recently had the distinct opportunity to check out Boston based singer -songwriter Andie Mechanic and stunningly brilliant new single “Call it Even “ it’s now available to stream now on all DSP’s worldwide. The track plays like a moody alt-pop letter to the people you don’t talk to anymore but haven’t forgotten about and still care for.

Andie had this to say about Call It Even” “What does it feel like to be so lonely that your heart yearns for the last person you touched? What does it feel like to want the comfort of someone you don’t talk to anymore? To me, it feels like this song. Cathartic, melancholy, and wearing its heart on its sleeve. ‘Call it even’ is just a really simple message to a person you haven’t forgotten about,”

“Call it Even” is a delicate beautifully written song that has all the feels . We found Andie Mechanic . She has an amazing gift as song witter to look deep with in a situation and find the song within .

Currently, Andie is finishing her last year at Berklee College of Music, where she spends the majority of her time writing with and for other artists. Her focus on open communication, trust, and human connection creates writing rooms with space for honesty and affection. Helping an artist turn an experience into a song is by far the greatest joy of her life.

We can’t wait to hear more from Andie Mechanic she is definitely a bright shining talent and we can’t wait to hear more .

You can listen to “Call It Even” Here

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