HARBOUR’s New Track “Swimming In My Head”is a Gem Of A Song That Stays With You

Image credit-Alex Don

We recently checked out the latest single from the pride of Cincinnati HARBOUR “Swimming In My Head “ As the third single “Swimming In My Head “ marks another milestone for HARBOUR’s upcoming , fourth full-length album due for release early next year .

Swimming In My Head” is an electrifying catchy song that stays with you long after the music stops . We found ourselves humming the catchy tune while in line at the grocery store . The song has such a positive vibe , coupled with cheerful guitar riffs and comforting vocals and a smooth lazy hook. The whole band is firing on all cylinders- it’s next level brilliance.

As shared by lead vocalist Ryan Green, the track is a cathartic, upbeat ode which aims to silence the intrusive thoughts that tend to tread in our heads late at night.

“I actually started this song while on vacation in Florida. I was just lying in bed trying to go to sleep but couldn’t quiet my thoughts, so I decided to write them out instead.”Ryan Green, Lead Vocalist of HARBOUR.

You can listen to “Swimming In My Head” on Spotify and Apple Music and other streaming platforms as well

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