Carolyn Kendrick Gives Us The Delightful “Break Of Day”

We recently listened to the very delightful “Break Of Day” from Northern California based Americana singer/songwriter Carolyn Kendrick.

There is such a welcomed and familiar feeling with “Break Of Day” Carolyn Kendrick has such a genuine and relatable style .

You can listen to “Break Of Day” on Spotify and on Apple Music

It is no surprise that Kendrick who is lifelong musician was weened on Willie and Billie ( Nelson and Holiday respectively) Kendrick has nurtured a signature aesthetic that draws on both of these artist’s traditions, all the while adding in sprinklings of her love of old-time music, bluegrass, and indie-rock.

In the last five years, the North California-based fiddler, singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and composer has blossomed as a solo artist, boldly venturing beyond her role as an eclectic and virtuosic instrumentalist.

Carolyn’s latest single the beautifully crafted “Break Of Day “ features a beautifully spare arrangement that exudes a back porch elegance with its crisp upright bass and Carolyn’s breezy vocals in the forefront. The song is a bittersweet existential meditation that, in the end, offers the joyful resolution that unexpectedly wonderful and surprising twists happen in life all the time.

Here, Carolyn’s lyrics are both vulnerable and insightful. One choice passage reads: Sometimes I try so hard I pull a muscle / Sometimes I try so hard it ruins my day / Sometimes I try so hard to be special / That I get in my own way. The song’s powerful wisdom comes from looking back with honest reflection. Carolyn says: “I was wondering how it was possible that so much time had passed so quickly in my life, that I was already 25 in the blink of an eye, all while trying to let go of forcing a life path to appear.” She sings with winsome beauty the telling lines: I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 30 / I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 40 / I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 50 / But I’ll never be young again and that’s what scares me.

In addition to her solo career, Carolyn has produced and written music for the award-winning podcast You’re Wrong About (Podcast of the Year, iHeart Radio) and You Are Good—in 2021 she issued a collection of musical vignettes culled from her You Are Good compositions.

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