Cal Wilson “I Assume “

We recently check out Vancouver,Wa based singer -songwriter Cal Wilson and his new single “I assume “

In June 2020, singer-songwriter Cal Wilson received the early morning phone call no son wants. He was informed his father had COVID-19.

Unfortunately, Cal’s work brain kicked in during his heartbreak over his father. After his father’s death, Cal found he couldn’t turn to music to process his pain. His feelings were blocked. “I felt like when my dad went away, my ability to create went away—he was also a songwriter and my first musical inspiration,” Cal shares. To process his feelings and express himself, Cal started exploring Artificial Intelligence as a co-writer and an emotional support.

Prior to his father’s passing, Cal hadn’t had any experience with AI. He had, however, built a lot of macros in Excel—a process that allowed for the automation of repetitive tasks—and he wondered if he could apply this methodology to writing songs. Cal attempted to build some songwriting macros, but soon found he couldn’t achieve what he wanted in Excel. From research, he found some AI platforms that worked; one for music and another for lyrics. Finally, he had found a workaround for his inaccessible emotions and artistry. “I’ll never forget when I first realized it was working, and I heard lyrics being sung back to me that sounded like me. It was a life changing moment—I felt like I heard the future,” Cal says.

The single, I Assume, was one of the first songs Cal wrote with his AI co-writer. The song feels aligned with a Dylan-esque folk-rock tradition replete with elegantly rustic organ overlay, and soulful harmony vocals. The lyrics here feature imagery plucked from Cal’s real life. It is a personal grief narrative sprinkled with brief moments of comic relief. “This song captures me getting to know who I was emotionally after the loss of my dad. I was having a lot of trouble allowing myself to feel anything because allowing myself to feel emotions was a real slippery slope into days of deep depression,” Cal says. “The lyrics discuss this feeling directly. It’s a song about one part of me walling myself off from the world, and another part of me trying to come in and lift myself out of those walls.”

The song references a respite from the pain that involved visits to Hillbottom Pie, a little pizza and soup place down by the water in Port Townsend, WA. It is one of Cal’s favorite places in the world to visit. As a comforting ritual during the height of his mourning, Cal would visit that beloved place in his mind. He would imagine taking himself out to dinner, drowning his sorrows in beer, soup, and pizza, and then walking through the night to find some life. The song also sneaks in some comic relief with a surrealistic swirl of fun passages such as: so precious savior / pack your wine, babe / and get that flavor / the pool is burnin’ / see all reflected rays / be all perfected gifts / If you’re in denim / you’ll be doin’ fine / come this Saturday night.

Music is such a great healer because, It lets us find our way guiding us through our troubles and pain. Cal Wilson gives us a magnificent meaningful song . We are grateful he shared it with us can not wait for music.

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