Aaron James Gives Us an absolutely Beautifully Brilliant Statement with “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “

We recently checked out the absolutely beautiful new record from Aaron James “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “ via Memphis label Unapologetic

You can listen to “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” on Spotify and on Apple Music

When we sat down and listened to Aaron James’s new record Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” We felt like we were part of an in-depth conversation on loved mix in with wonderful musical compositions that expounded on the subject .

We were particularly drawn in by the 3 conversions with 3 different men and their views on love ( including James )

Aaron James has the incredible ability to have a lo-fi presence in his songs but at the same time with his perfectly crafted vocal approach and dreamy melodies and ambient sounds the songs are very vibrant and full of heart and soul.

The opening musical track “Dear” Is an intimate folk song textured with airy lead vocals, and sweetly trippy electronic ambience. The song is almost playfully pleading for the “one,” with passages such as: Dear love, above / Your moon don’t align with my rising sun / And I heard that’s not good for relations / You said, you’d send / A strand of your hair in a letter you penned / But instead, you sent just the pages.

We were absolutely taken by “The BreakerAaron speaks how the person in the song has always has had his heart broken and has not been the one to break someone else’s heart . It’s a fascinating take on the dynamics of a relationship and how some have only lived with being heartbroken and others are the heartbreaker.

The awe and wonder of feeling a romantic connection and the heady possibilities of love course through the sweetly sparse folk stylings of “Barefoot In The Snow.” Here, Aaron’s lyrics exude a poetic excitement—he sings: We washed clothes, and washed each others bodies/We woke up dirty yet I know/That my heart is fuller with your body/In my home.

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore concludes with the pastoral folk song, “Your Secret Name,” a sweetly innocent and intimate guitar and voice track that calls to mind a modern indie-folk Cat Stevens.

The 13-track album was recorded with a team of three producers and multi-instrumentalists, featuring co-producer Kid Maestro (Miss Lauryn Hill), and keyboard/piano/harmony vocalist Eillo. Aaron wrote all the songs, sang all the leads, and played all the guitar. The album is definitely a COVID baby, produced in ad hoc studio settings, including a shed. “It mostly worked okay, except the sound canceling wasn’t great. It was frustrating, but a lot of stuff actually made it on the album and it was a great exercise in capturing the DIY vibe of the time and just not taking things too seriously,” Aaron says. “I also hope the rawness translates and helps make this dialogue on love feel more honest as opposed to something that was way over produced.”

This album was an absolute joy to listen to. You feel the passion and love that went into making this record. This is one record you can’t miss.

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