We Would Have Reviewed The Amazing new Record “Retirement Home “ From Taxes Sooner But… We were Too Busy Hitting Repeat

There are good records and then there are really really great records. San Francisco based Taxes have in our opinion have made a really really great record with their latest release “Retirement Home “

Growing up , kids dream of being famous musicians and making incredible records and playing on stages all over the world .

Singer Robby Cronholm first decided at 5 years old that he would pursue his musical dreams . As a teen he played in (original) Crumb an emo punk band that toured with the likes of The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World ( Some of us vividly remember listening to Crumb’s “Romance is a Slow Dance “ )

Crumb dissolved and Cronholm developed personal demons and persistent despondency that lasted close to a decade. It’s been awhile now since Cronholm has felt the tingling of excitement before an album blows up, and he’s now a seasoned enough musician to understand that that’s okay.

Active now since Cronholm’s self-imposed recovery in 2010, the Bay-area conglomerate’s vigor is renewed on their newest album Retirement Home. “Sonically, I’m really proud of this record,” he says. “ I think it’s the best work I’ve done, and maybe that’s enough for right now.”

A record like “Retirement Home” is what happens when it becomes about creating and writing really good songs, songs that remind you why you do what you do . “Retirement Home “ is tremendous because it’s about the adventures of tomorrow without forgetting about the journey’s of the past.

We sat down many times to write our review for “Retirement Home” but, we found ourselves getting lost in every nook and cranny of the record.

You can listen to “Retirement Home” on Spotify and on Apple Music

The opening track “Asbestos “ plays like a vivid personal journal entry. The poetic flow and melodic composition surrounded lyrics that have a melancholy feel to them but, seem to resolve themselves as the song progresses.

“Last Call” has this clever sensibility to it that is just perfect . Cronholm’s ability as a skilled lyricist is on full display on the heartfelt Last Call “ we were particularly struck by the lyric “When the coffin closes I hope the bars are open”

One thing that really stands out with Taxes is the flawless vocal collaboration between Robby Cronholm and bandmate Aishlin Harrison ( daughter of Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison).

The song that really stood out to us and is a beautiful display of the wonderful vocal chemistry between Cronholm and Harrison is “Frozen Lake “ We’ve been wearing the repeat button out on this once since it was released as a single . “Frozen Lake “ isn’t exactly a song of bliss and happiness as Cronholm sings mournfully and uncertainty about relationships in his past that he now recognizes were toxic, drawing comparisons to walking farther and farther out onto a frozen lake even though everyone warns him to stop.

We were captivated by the energy in “The Screen Actor’s Guilt” The song started slow but as the song unfolded there is powerful burst of emotion and electrifying energy that can’t be ignored.

We thoroughly enjoyed “Retirement Home “ by Taxes . It’s the kind of record you will remember long after the last chord has been played .

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