The Veils- “Undertow”

We were super excited to check out “Undertow” from indie rock outfit The Veils.

You can listen to “Undertow “ Here

The track is the first off their new album six years in the making which the double album …And Out Of The Void Came love

Finn of the band confides, “In the year before I started writing this album, I really didn’t think I’d ever write another album again. I was done. I’d irreparably broken my wrist on stage. Then this song came shimmying down the drainpipe, and it really seemed to be willing me to carry on. It is, embarrassingly enough, a song about writing songs, written at what I admit was a pretty low ebb for me emotionally. Both my parents are writers, and though I am grateful to it for the life it continues to afford me, it is a complex genetic inheritance.”

“The Undertow” has this mysterious, mystical feel to it . The vocals have a subtle but powerful feeling that is almost mesmerizing.

We especially love the drums on this track as they have a tribal hypnotic vibe that really gives the track a heartbeat.

Not only do we think the track is fantastic but. It also earns high praise and approval from directors Tim Burton and David Lynch

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