TJ Stafford Gives Us an Amazing New Single and Video for “The World’s Gonna Love Me”

We recently checked out the new single and video for “The World’s Gonna Love Me” from Los Angeles rock artist TJ Stafford.This song is sneaky brilliant. If “The World’s Gonna Love Me” doesn’t make you crack a smile then we don’t know what will.

You can listen to “The World’s Gonna Love Me” on Spotify

A performer and songwriter, Stafford’s career spans everything from collaborative band work to solo songwriting and film placements. His gritty emotion-focused sound is a favorite of music supervisors, who’ve placed his tracks on dramas like AMC’s Walking Dead, HBO’s True Blood, Parenthood, and Riverdale, to name a few. As a solo performer and songwriter, he’s sold out shows in iconic venues including The Troubadour, The Roxy, and The El Rey Theater. His new release is the first single off his upcoming project “Nipple Whisk.”

“THE WORLD’S GONNA LOVE ME,” starts off with a slow solo electric guitar that beats beneath Stafford’s baritone vocals. It’s a reflective moment that heightens a sense of uncertainty as slowly but surely the instrumentation surges. The second chorus creeps up on you, teetering on the edge of something bigger with its layered harmonies and burgeoning rhythms. Suddenly listeners are hit with an explosive electric guitar riff as Stafford howls over a reverberating atmosphere, “And we’re desperate for your attention/And we don’t care what you think/And what you think is the only thing that matters.” It’s a track that explores the dichotomy of wanting to be loved and hating it, giving listeners insight into the ever-constant creative battle of a true artist.

The originality that TJ Stafford brings to this song is off the charts . Earlier we said the song was “Sneaky Brilliant “ What we mean is the lyrics ( Which in case you are scoring at home) are beyond spectacular they sneak up on you . You might not think much of it when you first listen (We were drawn in by the hypnotic low guitar sounds ) But, if you find a comfy chair and put in your ear pods and really listen… you can’t help but (A) Smile and (B) Think wow TJ Stafford is a freaking genius!

BUT Wait !!!! ……,. There’s More

The song like we’ve mentioned is fantastic but… Not only did our ears get a treat but there is a video !!!! ( We know… pretty crazy for a Thursday ) The video is the absolute perfect companion for the song . You can watch the video below . To say we’re excited for more music from TJ Stafford is an understatement.

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