Skofee Gives us A New single and Video for “Quicksand”

We recently checked out the new single and video from left of center pop artist Skofee entitled titled “Quicksand” the song is “my ode to hitting a breaking point. It’s about the sinking realization that you have to let go of someone that you’ve been desperately trying to hold onto,” confides Skofee.

Co-written/produced by Grant Boutin (Jillian Rossi, J Que Smith), “Quicksand” features striking synths, 90’s pop-fused melodies, and shimmery pristine vocals for an alluring anthem all about letting go.

We loved everything about this song . It has this dark but really interesting tone / vibe to it that really makes the track stand out . Oh and the vocals are just flawless.

The visuals, directed by Holy Smoke Photography, combines balloon people, a plexiglass box and Skofee floundering in a kiddie pool with a GoPro for a novel and imaginative take on dealing with tangled emotions. And what’s a video without balloon people?

You can watch the video for “Quicksand” below

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