Green Means “Go” So… Go! Check Out The Amazing Mae Mae and The Excellent New Single and Video For “Green”

We recently checked out singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mae Mae and her stunningly beautiful new single and video for Green

You can listen to Green” on Spotify

We are going to be honest (because it’s the best policy) Up until today we were not familiar with Mae Mae (Boy we’re glad that’s changed )

The track will be featured on her upcoming EP, due out in early 2023. The track’s upbeat, pop-driven sound offers a stark contrast from its lyrics, which focus on Mae Mae’s inner struggle with pessimism. The music video follows Mae Mae as she dances around gorgeous expanses of California desert.

When asked about the single Mae Mae had this to say “I wrote ‘Green’ in the midst of feeling pessimistic about the future. I wasn’t necessarily believing what I was writing at the time, but rather trying to change my outlook through the process of creating it. The song grew into its own thing that I feel really embodies the idea of looking ahead to greener pastures while sitting in the dead space of a creative rut.”

We found Mae Mae to be a vibrant and entertaining artist who has a style and vibe all her own. Mae Mae doesn’t box her sound into a corner she takes all aspects of music ( Rock, Pop, Dance and she makes it her own and…. It sounds amazing. ( Oh By The Way… Green is our favorite color)

You can check out the video for Greenbelow . We can’t wait for more music from Mae Mae

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