French Punks Topsy Turvy’s Release “You Don’t Know” The Second Single Off Upcoming LP ‘It Can’t Be Easy’ Out January 13

We recently checked out the new single “You Don’t Know” From french punks Topsy Turvy’s which, is the second single off their upcoming LP “It Can’t Be Easy “ due out on January 13th 2023.

You can listen to “ You Don’t Know “ Here

This is our first introduction to Topsy Turvy’s and we have to be honest this band and their new single “You Don’t Know” absolutely rocks.

TOPSY TURVY’S is a melodic punk rock band, with female & male vocals, born in 2008 in Poitiers (France).

Its influences range from classic melodic hardcore from the 90s to modern indie punk stuff, with a lot of melodies with emo vibes and tons of energy. We heard pieces of different bands in TOPSY TURVY’S sound but, they have a style and sound that is uniquely their own .

After having played over 300 shows around the world (in 26 countries) and releasing 3 albums and 3 splits/EP since their debut, they keep touring and sharing their music wherever they can, still questioning their music practice in a world collapsing.

We absolutely love “You Don’t Know” from TOPSY TURVY’S and we can’t wait to hear more from Noemie Topsy (Bass,Vocals) Dam’s Topsy (Guitar,Vocals) , Cyp Topsy(Drums , Back Vocals) ,Bato Topsy (Guitar , Back Vocals)

Thousand Islands Records will release the new album from French punks Topsy Turvy’s in the U.S. and Canada. The LP ‘It Can’t Be Easy is slated for release on January 13th.

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