Krooked Tongue Deliver Another Sonically Perfect Gem with Their Spectacular New Single “Lupines”

Just when our speakers were starting to recover from their epic song from the summer “When The Beaches Bleed” Bristol based rock trio Krooked Tongue gives us an absolute gem in “Lupines” .

One of the cool things about doing what we do is that we get to watch really bands/ artists blossom and be successful it’s honestly why we do what we do . Krooked Tongue is a prime of example of this.

Krooked Tongue has been together since 2019. We first got to know Krooked Tongue back in 2021 when they released “Freaky Love “ as a single . We all remember sitting in the office hearing the opening riff for the first time , then the vocals kicked in and….. We knew the boys from Bristol( UK) had something special.

Then “No Vacancy Hotel” hit in February hit. Songs like Swarm” , “Vampyre” were just so undeniably electric”No Vacancy Hotel” has since amassed over 140,000 streams and saw support from the likes of Ones To Watch, HardBeat Magazine and Distorted Sound Mag.

In July of this year came the thunderous wave crashing single “When The Beaches Bleed “ The track saw great success as “When The Beaches Bleed” was celebrated by the likes of Loudwire, Noizze and also cinching the top spot in the Dutch Indie Charts

Now all of this has lead up to the brand new single “Lupines “ The band absolutely slays this amazing new single, the follow up to July’s thunderous single “When The Beaches Bleed”, surrounds you in a dark euphoria from its opening note. Explaining the single, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford says, “‘Lupines’ is in some ways the antithesis to Krooked Tongue’s prior single ‘When the Beaches Bleed’. Though explosive in it’s catchy choruses, it shifts the tone slightly in creating a sense of swaying ecstasy. Lupines is a sexy, psychedelic journey through a field of the most colourful flowers you could imagine, yet also stands to challenge you to use that imagination to fight the limitations of your mind. Lupines is a lesson in relinquishing control and enjoying the ride.”

You can listen to “Lupines” on Spotify and on Apple Music

Krooked Tongue are sonic masters of the highest order . Oli Rainsford commands the low sounds in “Lupines” as if he has the ability to cause seismic activity. Guitarist Dan Smith brings “Lupines “ alive with his melodic energy that gives the track it’s deep soul. If Smith is the soul then the absolute heart is drummer Harry Pritchard truly the god of thunder . In the center of the sonic brilliance Oli Rainsford gives stunning vocal performance that is simply breathtaking.

We can’t wait for what Krooked Tongue does next .

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