Chasing Kites Dazzle With “Shiver”

We recently checked out Bath (UK) based indie-rock four piece Chasing Kites and their brand new single “Shiver”

You can listen to “Shiver” on Spotify and on Apple Music

Starting life in 2016 as the solo project of vocalist Matt Donnelly, Chasing Kites arrived at their full and final lineup in June of 2022, thanks to a series of ‘Band Members Wanted’ ad’s and the miracles of social media. The band have since gone on to be chosen as BBC Bristol’sBig New Sound’ in July with the release of their most recent single ‘Slide’.

As a unit Chasing Kites ( Matt Donnelly Vocals, Guitar, James Hunt Drums ,Liam Hope Guitar, Nathan Price , Bass ) are skilled musicians that craft a melodic sound that may remind of other bands but, Chasing Kites has a clear unique robust sound that coupled with Donnelly’s memorable vocals makes Chasing Kites stand out .

Speaking about the writing process, vocalist and lyricist Matt Donnelly explains, ‘’Shiver came together extremely quickly. I’d had the lyrics lying around for a very long time and felt they fit perfectly with the sonic side of the track when the melody was written. As we built on the skeleton of the song, our aim was to take us back into the realms of indie rock through powerful injections of energy in the choruses, while maintaining our commercial sound throughout.’’

We can’t wait for more music from Chasing Kites. The horizon looks very bright for them.

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