Nervous Eaters Bring Down The House With New Album“Monsters+Angels”

We are wicked excited to finally check out the brand new Nervous Eaters album “Monsters+Angels “ We also, think that it is highly appropriate that the album is being released via Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records because as we say in Boston The new Nervous Eaters album is “Wicked Pissah “( Which means Outstanding;awesome )

You can listen to Nervous Eaters “Monsters +Angels” Here

We’ve said it before and we certainly don’t mind saying it again Nervous Eaters are absolute Boston rock legends .

The new record is absolutely spectacular. The opening track “Wild Eyes is the perfect opener. The opening chord of “Wild Eyes” feels like the band is saying “We’re Here Let’s Go!”

Of the single, original frontman Steve Cataldo says, Stevie Van Zandt chose “Wild Eyes” as the first single from our new album Monsters & Angels. A textured, melodic rocker that paints a portrait of a beautiful, complex woman who views life through the lens of her sophisticated imagination.”

You can check out the video for “Wild Eyes” below

Listening to “Monsters and Angels “ there is real strong energy within the band that definitely comes to life with the songs.

Photo by : Carissa Johnson

We love the melody in “Superman’s Hand “ It has this really great groove that is not over done, it’s perfectly played . When asked about the track Steve Cataldo had this to say The song is a metaphor to relay the thought to every person that no matter what your lot in life may turn out to be, or the condition you find yourself in, that even the weakest of us can summon up the power of Superman to help those in distress. You don’t need a cape to fly, or shooting lasers from your eyes or the strength of 10, Kryptonic men,” as long as your heart has the capability of love and a true desire to help your fellow man, then any person can possess the strength and dependability within Superman’s Hand’s.”

You can check out the video for “Superman’s Hand’s below

Nervous Eaters really bring it with “Hop Sing Said” The band absolutely slays it in this song The vocals and harmonies are spot perfect and the guitar work on this one…. Flawless

Picking a favorite on “Monsters + Angels is almost impossible. But, the one that really stood out to us was “Want you Like Before “ it’s raucous, rowdy vintage Nervous Eaters

The closing track on “ Monsters + Angels “ End Of The World Girl “ is the final track on the Album (We absolutely wanted more ) Of the track, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Steve Cataldo says, “When I wrote “END OF THE WORLD GIRL” last year, I had no idea the song might turn out to be somewhat prophetic. With so many world leaders talking about WW3 and atomic warfare, there’s no telling what might happen. I would say, today, right now, is the best time to “Heat up the oven and get some Good Lovin” going on or better yet, how about a date with a “streetwalking, sweet talking, End of The World Girl”

You can check out the video for “End Of The World Girl “ below . We absolutely loved “Monsters + Angels . Nervous Eaters have been in punk for 40 years! And we think they’re just getting started

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