The thing that jumps of the page and something we respect PLVTINUM for is his absolute honesty . PLVTINUM is who he is all day everyday . The brand new vibrant and beats galore EP “AN HONEST ACCOUNT OF THE MORE UNSAVORY ASPECTS OF MY BEING’ is out today and it is better than great .

You can listen to “An Honest Account OF The More Unsavory Aspect Of My Being” Here

More than just great tracks, PLVTINUM presents the EP in great fashion. We love the intro “Chaos Is The Only Constant “ It has this “Willy Wonka” vibe to it . The introduction bleeds into “D4MB” ( DIE4MYBITCH) Like we said when checked out the single back in the summer , The title may turn heads but the track is electric.

We love that PLVTINUM has a sense of humor. We won’t give it away but “Conversation With Kenny (Interlude) is pure gold.

“Stress Me “ is PLVTINUM firing on all cylinders bringing that electrifying energy that sets him apart from others.

“Touch” shifts gears a little, slowing it down then building up again . We really like the beats and vibe on this one .

“Where We Go @ Night” and “Jaded” see PLVTINUM bring down the tempo somewhat and really excel he brilliantly weaves in and out of stunningly layered beats . We have had “Where We Go @ Night playing in our head for days ( That’s a good thing ) “Jaded” has all the making of a huge song . “Jaded” could be a club anthem before you know it .

Do yourself a solid and check out PLVTINUM you will thank us later

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