The New EP “Chemical Love” From KiKi Holli Will Leave You Feeling Absolutely Euphoric

Photo Credit – Randy Shropshire

We were positively ecstatic to listen to Los Angeles indie-pop vocalist KiKi Holli and her new amazing EP Chemical Love.

You can listen to “Chemical Love” on Spotify and Apple Music

KiKi Holli has an undeniable original unique sound and style that allows her to craft absolutely beautiful and stunning musical masterpieces.

The EP opens with the strong and powerful New High” KiKi gives an absolutely majestic vocal performance as her voice climbs effortlessly through perfectly placed melodic melodies.

The music was inspired by long trips down the coast from Highway 10 to the PCH, a trip I take often with my husband. It helps me find my center again to see and sit by the ocean. It’s my happy place. I think that ‘NEW HIGH’ is a good song for all of us, transitioning out of our houses and from looking at each other through screens. That separation really does a number on your brain. ‘NEW HIGH’ is saying that we’re going to be all right, we’re making it through and coming out stronger,”she explains.

“Play To Lose” was our first introduction to KiKi Holli . As we said in our original review of this amazing song

“This song spoke to us right away with the seductive groove and the incredible soul and tone in KiKi Holli’s voice it is simply an amazing track that reels you in and doesn’t let go till the final note.”

In “Play To Lose”, KiKi examines leaving a toxic relationship and finding your voice and confidence in the end. With layered vocals full of confidence and depth, and acoustic guitars dripping with nostalgia, “Play To Lose” is a radiating groove-infused roots pop single. “Play To Lose” reminds the listener to know your own worth and find your power even in the most hopeless of situations.

Because, we are so into music here at The Whole Kameese we sometimes play a game called “Better Than The Original “ It’s where we compare a song that is covered to the original.

“More Than This” is without a doubt better than the original. No disrespect to the wonderful Roxy Music but, KiKi absolutely makes this song her own and the results are absolutely magical.

We absolutely loved the single “Sun Playing Tricks On Me”

KiKi once again brings her original, soulful approach to a hypnotic and seductive track that catches your attention right away.

“Sun Playing Tricks On Me” is KiKi at her absolute best . This song will stay with you long after the music has ended .

We absolutely love the vibe on “Chemical Love” it has a groove that you can’t help moving . We feel KiKi is totally in the groove in this song and it’s just perfect.

Just when you feel like this EP can’t get any better KiKi drops “New High Lux Mundi Remix” All we can say is that if this song isn’t number 1 on the dance charts we would be shocked. This track is epic .

“Chemical Love” from KiKi Holli is your favorite collection of songs that you haven’t listened to yet . So do yourself a favor and check it out !

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