The Color Study “Future Past Present Tense “ A Beautifully Crafted Record That Touches The Mind And Soul

We picture singer /songwriter Scott Oliphant in a room with a whiteboard feverishly arranging various idea’s on post it notes that later were set to music to become the sophomore album of The Color Study “Future Past Present Tense “

The Color Study who are based in Bend Oregon started as a solo project for Scott Oliphant now features Melissa Atillo on keys and vocals Matt Jackson on bass, Miguel Mendoza on horns ,Andy Jacobs on drums and vocals, and Steve Reinhardt on lead guitar .

You can listen to Future Past Present Tense” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

While the band’s eponymous debut record was consciously mired by the sadness of a relationship lost, Future Past Present Tense takes a turn for the more heady and existentially philosophical – though still in one aspect or another touching on the impression interpersonal relationships can leave. Having spent much of his career behind a drum kit, a soundboard, and in positions involving more of the mechanics and less of the actual songwriting process, Oliphant fruitfully toiled with putting the pieces of each song on the album together in a way that was instrumentally luminous – with a whole band now in tow – as well as lyrically poignant.

Each song on the record feels like a deep philosophical thought that is expanded and brought to life ever so delicately with music .

The opening track “Somewhere” feels like a magnificent symphonic collection of sound brought together to form an unbelievable musical statement. We were absolutely speechless.

Being of a certain age 1983” felt like a familiar trip back into time that was melodically perfect and made us long for those bike rides from the past .

The Title track “Future Past Present Tense” as we said in our original review “ This song is why music is such a beautiful form of communication. “Future-Past-Present- Tense is a big beautiful orchestral work of musical goodness . Scott Oliphant has crafted a pure masterpiece that brings you on a delightful journey filled with a million sounds of wonderment.”

As a single father, Oliphant began pondering the dynamics of interpersonal connections—how even the slightest interactions have the potential to change the course of one’s life, how they’ll live and how they may, or may not, experience love in life. That’s how the album title itself came to be, serving as a mini grammatical roadmap for how an interaction that hasn’t even come to be yet could affect who you are in the present, and how you’ll remember your past. Sonically, it’s greatly reminiscent of early 90s alternative, power pop and flowy neo-psychedelia—think a fusion between Spiritualized and The Dandy Warhols—where the sounds are heavily textured and expansive, allowing space for peak absorption and introspection.

The song that we really connected with was “Satellite “ The themes and feelings in this song feel universal and something that we can all relate to at one point or another .

With Savior || Death” It felt like the song is centered around being baptized. By becoming baptized will mean that you are Saved “ but there is a sense of uncertainty in that maybe you are not being “Saved” but, maybe it means that the baptism is not the beginning, but the end . I think either way the track is another example of Oliphant asking and pondering a deep question.

Future Past Present Tense” is more than just an album it is Chance to listen with our ears and feel with our heart and soul. It is truly an album will stay with you long after the music has faded .

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