You Need To Follow Dr.’s Orders and Check Out The Amazing new Record “Velvet Dreams” From DR. MARY’S MONKEY This Record Absolutely Rocks

First off let us start by saying we are more excited than a wild night on Bourbon Street to finally get to listen to the absolutely amazing new record “Velvet Dreams “ from perhaps one of the coolest names in rock… DR. MARY’S MONKEY .

You can listen to “Velvet Dream on Spotify and Apple Music

Our ears first came in contact with the band when we had the privilege of checking out their song “(She Said ) This Girl is Free” As we said when we first reviewed the song , we fell hard immediately for the song and it was definitely love it first listen .

Dr. Mary’s Monkey is a mod/punk/power-pop/soul movement from New Orleans, Louisiana based around the songs of singer-songwriter Shawn Gwin, nicknamed “The Sage” by his band and producers. The four-piece band is Sage, guitar, vocals; Robin Sherman, bass, vocals; Yàno, keys, vocals; and David Shirley drums, vocals; plus special studio guests. Combining a love of music from Motown, Memphis, London and New Orleans with Sage’s distinctive songwriting craft and lead vocals, their unique synthesis of styles makes for rock music that catches the ear, engages the mind and never forgets it’s got to roll. Velvet Dreams was tracked in legendary New Orleans studio, Neutral Sound Studio; produced by Grammy-winning and Oscarnominated record producer and mixing engineer “BassyBob Brockmann (Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Prince); and features an A-list of New Orleans sidemen.

“Velvet Dreams” has something really for everyone it is a well seasoned collection of songs brimming with spectacular musical flavor

The jolt of inspiration to write and record this sprawling flavorful punk rock ‘n’ roll opus came when Sage took a 4-day vacation to San Francisco and visited the Beat Museum. There, inspired by the heady cocktail of art, literature, social commentary, anti-establishment ethos, and psychedelia, Sage began to envision the music and conceptual arc of Dr. Mary’s Monkey’s Velvet Dreams. The album took 10 days to track, but a year to finish due to the pandemic. It is one of many out-of-his-hands career setbacks and natural disasters Sage has endured over the years.

We found ourselves a comfy spot and let Dr. Mary’s Monkey be our musical guide through “Velvet Dreams “

As the introduction (Up from Dream) blared into our ears we felt like we were embarking on a magical musical journey in another dimension. (Good thing we packed a lunch ) As the introduction faded into “Brave New World “ we were immediately taken with track. “Brave New World “ is a loud raucous punk rock delight . We heard shades of IGGY POP/ The Stooges as well MC5 . If this track doesn’t get you excited then we suggest medical attention. The vocals are dead perfect and the energy the band brings is off the charts.

As the album continues, tracks like “Energy” and Ocean Rider “ show the unbelievable musicianship assembled on this recording . The horn work on “Ocean Rider” is absolutely stunning. We love the 60’s vibe on this track as well .

We found ourselves playing feverish air drums on “Baby,Don’t You Feel Alright?” This song is down right electric .We closed our eyes and imagined a crowd going crazy when this is played live . (The keyboards were on fire!)

She” is a touching an poignant song that was beautifully orchestrated it truly is a shining moment on an album loaded with absolute gems

What makes “Velvet Dreams and Dr. Mary’s Monkey so incredible is the passion , love and dedication to the craft of making absolutely amazing music . You can hear it and you can feel it .

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