IOTA- Debut E.P. “Tyrants” Is A Brilliant Collection of “Must Hear” Music .

This our final new review of 2022…. IOTA- “Tyrants

We are absolutely stoked that we finally got to hear the amazing debut E.P “Tyrants” from Bristol (UK) based rock group IOTA . We have been captivated by the singles, so to have a four song E.P. is just awesome.

The band has had a bit of unfortunate luck as of late as there was a delay in the release of the E.P. that was originally scheduled for November but, was pushed back to December. ( We can tell you that this E.P was definitely worth the wait . ) The band’s self built recording studio Omni Rooms burned down due to an electrical issue. A Go Fund Me has been established for Omni Rooms you can learn more Here

You can’t help but get caught up in the mysterious and mystical aura of IOTA . Lead singer Jodi Robinson along with guitarist Josef Parkes , Bassist Sam Mattison, Drummer Thomas John and guitarist Joe Dean are a stunning creative force that simply cannot be ignored . You can listen to “Tyrants” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

From note one from “Demons “ you can feel an undeniable energy . Jodi Robinson has such a powerful vocal presence that makes you immediately take notice .

Track 2 on the E.P. “Control” is the latest single off of “Tyrants” It is a song about fighting against the confines and restrictions holding you back.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single the band state, Control was formed in a headspace of feeling confined by people and unspoken rules in our lives; it was our way of fighting back. Control started with Josef writing an instrumental guitar part. The chord progression felt aggressive but assured and imbued an emotion that we could all connect with. The instrumental helped us uncover themes that were ongoing in our lives. Lyrically, we wanted to put a positive spin on the band’s collective feelings and taunt the restrictions over us.”

As we said in our original review of “Ballet Box” the song is beyond brilliant. The band is sonically perfect, they put on an absolute clinic on what a great song should sound like .

The final track on Tyrants is our favorite, “Sometimes” There are some songs that just bring you in.You don’t know why but you want to keep listening to it over and over . Sometimes” is hands down one of those songs . Jodi Robinson is absolutely flawless on this track and the rest of the band display a level of musicianship that is second to none .

Tyrants“ is our final new review for 2022. As we approach the final hours and minutes of 2022 we can’t think of a better way to spend twelve minutes and thirty four seconds than to listen to the absolute masterpiece “Tyrants” from IOTA .

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