Our Top 22 Of 2022 From The Whole Kameese

We can’t believe that 2022 is coming to a close.It was an absolutely amazing year for music . We filled The Whole Kameese with so many amazing and talented artists. Today we will be counting down the top 22 albums from 2022 that appeared on the site . ( Note we are including both LP’s and EP’s on this list ) let’s begin……

#22- Caroline Romano- Oddities And Prodigies

“Oddities & Prodigies “ from Caroline Romano is a spectacular debut full of amazing songs . Among the highlights are “Ireland in 2009”, “Panic Attack “ and “I Wish I had it On Film”

#21 – Jeff DeVito – Sagittarius

Jeff DeVito makes great songs . He has a sound and vibe that is one of kind . “Sagittarius” is full of just flat out great songs . We loved “Bullets On The Brain” , “Peaches and Pie “ and “ Landmines “

#20- Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

“No Vacancy Hotel” is the absolutely thunderous debut E.P. from Bristol (UK) based alternative rock band Krooked Tongue. This E.P. delivers big time with tracks “Vampyre”, “Freaky Love “ , “Swarm” and the title track “No Vacancy Hotel”

#19- Shaylee- Short Sighted Security

Shaylee gives us an absolutely indie rock masterpiece fronted by Elle Archer who’s guitar playing is otherworldly. A great record from start to finish . We love “Ophelia” , #1 Destroyer Fan, and “Danger Decides “

#18- GoldparkGoldpark 2

We were so elated to be introduced to the music of Nashville based indie-rock trio Goldpark. Goldpark 2 is absolute joy to listen to we found ourselves making it our driving music of choice . Every song is amazing we love “I Guess It’s Never Enough “ , “Lady Lightyear “ and “Covered In Sunshine “

#17-Rocky Votolato- “Wild Roots”

Rocky Votolato gives us an absolutely Stunning record with “Wild Roots” a deeply personal record that stays with you long after the last note. Rocky Votolato has one of those once in generation voice . Highlights include “Evergreen “, “There is A Light”, “Little Black Diamond “

#16- A Vulture Wake- One.Kingdom.Animal

A Vulture Wake gave us 2 E.P.’s in 2022 “Kingdom “ and “Animal “ which together make up the L.P “One.Kingdom.Animal “ A Vulture Wake has an amazing and unique sound that we can’t get enough of . We love “Sage”, “The Fool Must Be Killed “ and “Lost Cause Of The Year”


“Limb” from Timeshares is a batch of well crafted songs that are flawless and timeless. “Limb” is the type of record that never gets old or feels outdated. We love “Siren Sound “, “Still Awake” and “Living Boy “

#14- SORAIA-Bloom

“Bloom” from SORAIA flat out rocks, this record is a spectacular rock record . “I Seek Fire” is a timeless rock masterpiece. We also love “Already Dead “ and “Jackson’s Song “

#13 The Rumjacks – Brass For Gold

Celtic punks “The Rumjacks “ give us an absolute gem with “Brass For Gold” we dare you not be humming along after you listen. We love “One For The Road” , “Bounding Main and “Across The Water”


“Tedious & Brief” from Xondra is absolutely beautiful collection of songs that are deeply moving . We loved “Inner Child “ , “Tedious” and “Dead Girl”

#11- Aaron James – Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore

The smooth soulful folk sound of Aaron James is absolutely mesmerizing. We loved “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “, “The Breaker” and “Barefoot In The Snow”

#10 – Nervous Eaters – Monsters + Angels

Boston punk rock legends absolutely rock out on “Monsters + Angels The band , the record everything sounds phenomenal. We could listen for days . We love “End Of The World Girl”, “Chad” , “Superman’s Hands “ and “Hop Sing Said”

#9 – Cherie Amour- Spiritual Ascension

Cherie Amour delivers an absolutely epic album with Spiritual Ascension. Formerly known as One Life To Lead , Cherie Amour is a musical juggernaut that is poised for greatness. We love “On Deck” , “Love’s not Your Thing “ ,”God Be a Woman “ and “Spiritual Ascension “

#8- KiKi Holli-Chemical Love

With KiKi Holli you get honest , deep, meaningful music that touches your soul. KiKi is at her absolute best on her E.P. Chemical Love. We love “New High”, “Play To Lose”, “More Than This” and “Sun Playing Tricks”

#7- The Color Study- Future Past Present Tense

The Color Study delivers a vibrant and lively collection of songs with Future Past Present . The album presents like a piece of fine art , each detail perfectly and crafted to perfection. We loved “Future Past Present Tense” , “1983”, “Satellite “ and “Savior II Death “

#6- Palps – Black Heart

Palps gives us a genius concept album with Black Heart . The record is accompanied with eight videos that introduce us to four characters, the story’s protagonist Matt, plus Rose, Charlotte and the plaque doctor. We highly recommend watching the videos as well as the musical tracks . We love “Ava”, Love,Always , “Consequences “ and “Imprint “

#5-Dr. Mary’s Monkey- Velvet Dreams

Velvet Dreams from Dr. Mary’s Monkey is an absolute party from beginning to end. The energy that is generated on this album is electric. We love “(She Said) This Girl is free”, “Brave New World “ , “Downtown “, and “She”

#4- Archer Monk – Joy Ride Opus

Joy Ride Opus is tumbleweed pop at it’s absolute finest. Archer Monk is a true musical treasure. We love “Lost In Translation “, “Hollywood Choir” , “Just Another Morning “ and “Love On Layaway”

#3- Goalkeeper- I wish I Met You Sooner

I wish I Met You Sooner” is a spectacular collection of pure musical gems . We have had this one playing in the office ever since we got our hands on it . If you love music you need this record in your life . We love “Sooner”, “Talk About “ , “Car Wreck” and “Former Lives “

#2- Sic Waiting – A Fine Hill To Die On

Sic Waiting has given us a pop-punk masterpiece with “A Fine Hill To Die On” Every single song on this record is pure gold . If you haven’t heard the record yet….. What are you waiting for ??? We love “Uncommon Veins “, “Good Things”, “Life On Fire “ and “Fireworks

And our # 1 record for 2022 on The Whole Kameese……….

#1-Taxes- Retirement Home

We mentioned in our original review of Retirement Home that we were so into the record that we almost forget to publish the review. Hands down the #1 record on the site for 2022. Robby Cronholm is a master storyteller and the creative chemistry with band mate Aishlin Harrison is electric . The track that we can’t get enough of is Frozen Lake it’s also our top track for 2022. We also love “Foie Gras & Sancerre” , “ Last Call” and “Asbestos”

So there you have it …… that is our top 22 records for 2022. We want to thank all our readers for all your support as well as all the amazing artists for making amazing music.

We will see you in 2023”

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