Adult Leisure Gives Us A Magnificent Debut EP With “The Weekend Ritual”

Since we were on a hiatus back in December when Adult Leisure presented the world with it’s epic debut EP “The Weekend Ritual “ We wanted to give our thoughts about the EP.

This music loving music reviewer has been reviewing music for a really long time (I’ll never tell how long ) Certain records just feel different maybe it’s a new tone or voice that makes it standout. When we picked a comfy chair and started to listen to “The Weekend Ritual “ from Adult Leisure we heard something special, something magical. We can’t exactly put our finger on what we heard but, this band and this EP definitely has “it”

You can listen to “The Weekend Ritual “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Adult Leisure is a Bristol (UK) based alt-indie four piece.

After previously helping to usher in Bristol’s indie boom of the 2010’s, guitarist David Woolford and bassist James Laing (Moon Club), vocalist and lyricist Neil Scott (Aztecs) and drummer Nathan Searle (Towers) came together to form this new project following a thirst to create during the pandemic, formed via countless video calls during the heart of 2020’s UK lockdown.

The Weekend Ritual was written, recorded and produced by the band themselves in its entirety and mixed by Ollie Searle.

The first track on the EP “Happiness” has this sneaky electric feel to it . ( We hit repeat a couple times on this on ) The band truly is in the groove on this brilliant gem of a tune.

The next track “Modern Son” has a great cadence to it that is very memorable. We are big fans of smart and well written lyrics Modern Son definitely checks all those boxes.

If we had to pick our overall favorite track on the EP….. It would be the EP’s lead single “Control” If “Control” was a car it would be a Rolls Royce. The song is both melodically and sonically Perfect.

The bass line on “I Don’t Wanna Talk “ sets the tone to an absolutely stellar track that really highlights the amazing musicianship in the band these guys are flawless.

The EP closes out with the spectacular “Things You Don’t Know Yet “ The track has a great rock feel to it . We enjoyed listening to this one with the windows rolled all the way down.

Adult Leisure is the total musical package. If your looking for a new favorite band …. Look no further than …. Adult Leisure.

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