Allen Epley Releases His Debut Solo album “Everything… It is Absolutely Stunning.

We are so excited today to finally listen to Allen Epley’s debut solo album “Everything “out now on Spartan Records.

Epley who is most known as the frontman for Shiner and The Life And Times , gives us an absolutely sonically and melodically collection of songs on his debut solo album “Everything

We were especially excited for the album because, we were absolutely mesmerized by the first three singles ( “Thousand Yard Stare, “Evangeline” and “The E.M.T.

You can listen to “Everything “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The first track “Thousand Yard Stare” has this otherworldly feel that draws you in . It is the perfect opening.

Evangeline “ features an almost hypnotic drum part that sits beautifully with entrancing guitar melody that is absolutely stunning.

The song that really jumps out of the speakers in our opinion is “Spider Rico “ This song actually served as the catalyst for the album that we are so lucky to have . In 2018 Allen was writing cues for reality TV when one the cues sparked a sound from Epley’s past…. This became “Spider Rico “ which luckily put things in motion for the album “Everything”

While listening to “The E.M.T” we can’t help but close our eyes and picture Allen Epley almost like a world class painter or sculptor delicately put the melodies together as a perfect detailed artistic statement. There is also a sense of sadness that it is felt in the track as well .

The EMT” is a story about a flight paramedic who has a crush on someone from his town that he’s never met. He’s been content to just live in that world until one evening fate intervenes and his crush ends up in a near-fatal car wreck. As he arrives on the scene he realizes who the victim is and instead of being distraught by his discovery of who she is, he’s delighted that he’s able to finally help her and be with her and hold her hand like he’s always dreamed of.

The title track “Everything” features absolutely haunting lyrics from Epley . There is such real and raw emotion on this album. Allen Epley uses the universal language of music to bring us a magnificent body of music.

If you are looking for a record that will send you on a wondrous musical journey….. then you found it with “Everything” from Allen Epley .

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