Trashed Ambulance Gives Us an Epic New Single “ Cyntax Error “

We are not going to beat around the bush here… We Love Trashed Ambulance ! The new stand alone single “Cyntax Error “ absolutely rocks!

You can listen to “Cyntax Error” Here

If we were to sit and list all of the reasons why we are huge fan’s of one of the best things to come out of Alberta , Canada we would be here for a while .

Seriously Trashed Ambulance is everything we love about punk music …. Great songs that just freaking rock oh and they are a great bunch of guys that “just get it “

So why do we think there great guys??? Well looking no further than their kick ass new single “Cyntax Error “ which, they wrote as a tribute to Thousand Islands Records label co-owner and label manager Cynthia Charpentier in honor of her recent birthday.

The band says, When a great friend/mom-ager turns 40, you have to make sure she feels the love. This song is an ode to Cynthia for always kicking ass and taking names while being the best gal East of the Saskatchewan River!”

Now if that isn’t awesome enough for you , then we don’t know what is . (Happy Birthday Cynthia!)

So grab a cold one and crank “Cyntax Error “ to 11. If you can’t get enough of the musical greatness that is Trashed Ambulance check out their third LP, 2022’s critically celebrated ‘Future Considerations you can listen to it Here

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