Ryan Hamilton Gives us an Absolute Gem Of A Song “Haunted by The Holy Ghost”

You can listen to “Haunted by The Holy Ghost” Here

We recently checked out the latest single from critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton “Haunted by The Ghost “ The song is also the title track to the upcoming album that will be released March 10th via the wicked awesome folks at Wicked Cool Records.

Now being someone who went through four years of Catholic High School this song totally resonated with us .

Of the song, Hamilton says, “I grew up in a VERY conservative Church of Christ. We used to go to church 3 times a week. There are parts of that upbringing that I will never shake. The “fear of God” is ingrained in me, & will seemingly be a part of me forever. Like a ghost, haunting me. This song is about that.”

Hailed by Spin Magazine as one of the ‘35 Best Lesser Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’, the Fort Worth, Texas-based musician released his first solo album, ‘Hell of a Day’, back in 2015. Prior to this, Hamilton had experienced success across North America and Canada with former band Smile Smile.

We are all in with Ryan Hamilton and we can not wait for more music .

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